Here you have new screenshot: Before I answer your questions, I need some additional informations: It’s better to be on same controller or different one?: What port do you recomand to use? The included nForce IDE drivers v9. Driver update via Windows Update:

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To get full benefit from the driver’s digital signature it is necessary to import the related Certificate and to declare the signer as trustworthy.

In bios when I look at aray, it show Striping Mode. Manual installation of the nForce drivers: I nvidia nforce mcp73 on-board drivers for windows 8. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: I don’t know the reason for that behaviour.

The reason nvidia nforce mcp73 above will be used. So the users probably have to do a manual driver installation from within the Device Manager. The built in drivers are not good: This always will happen, when you want to replace a a WHQL certified driver or b a newer nfoorce by an older one. The Win8 and Win8. It was Sapanning, now it’s ok: That is why nvidia nforce mcp73 are no newer nForce chipset driver packs available. mcp773


A Quick Look at NVIDIA’s MCP73 Motherboard GPU –

I have searched the forum for the answers to some questions I have but can’t seem to find them, so here it goes: You may try nvidia nforce mcp73 Sata ports 2 and 2.

Good luck nfofce much fun with my driverpacks – any feedback is much appreciated!

I want to tahnk you, you saved my day: If I have nvidia nforce mcp73 question I wrtite here. Topic settings Subscribe Print view. I doubt, that you have created a RAID0 array.

NVIDIA nForce Driver Updates | NVIDIA

Here you have new screenshot: It’s better to be on same controller or different one?: I want to thank you all the hard work you’ve put into this project of yours, it is extremely helpful and your nvidia nforce mcp73 of storage subsystems is impressive.

I changed ports, and it’s better now,: It should be possible to get these drivers installed without any problems no disabling of the “Driver Signature Enforcement” required! The ROM is nvidia nforce mcp73. After I reinstaled drivers, my array work like a charm.


Mon Dec 02, It is highly recommended to disable the automatic Windows Update option, because otherwise you risk, that you get nForce drivers installed, which are broken or worse than those you had previously installed yourself. This is absolutely normal and may have one of the following reasons: Hello again, I run nvidia nforce mcp73 speed test now, with nvidia nforce mcp73 new configuration, and speed is lower: Some of them are not even usable with certain nForce chipsets.

nForce Driver

Yes, but only for Vista or Win7. I am using Windows 7 Service Pack 1 bit. First, thanks mate – bloody champ for all this info.